Here, to our guests, we offer and serve only homemade and organic food.

We provide the pleasure of experiencing the taste of traditional Mediterranean cuisine and dishes prepared following our famous autochthon recipes.

The island of Vis has earned a reputation for its extraordinary local cuisine. With unique microclimate, rich and fertile fields, and the most vivid fishing area of the central Adriatic, have guaranteed the quality and diversity of the entire island’s production.

Our dining concept is founded on the slow food tradition and the daily catch freshly prepared in our kitchen. The tastes are made for world travellers searching for a break from processed, industrial food.

Grilled fish and vegetables, different types of risotto’s and pasta, soups and salads as well as meat dishes like: various grilled meat, slow-cooked meat – peka and homemade prosciutto are just a part of our gastronomic offer.

We also prepare and serve various specialties for lovers of the raw food diet, gluten-free nutrition, vegetarians, and vegans. Last but not least, our homemade cakes and desserts are just a cherry on the top!

 Our wine selection includes red, white, and rose wines from local vineyards, as well as other bottled Dalmatian wines.

 Enjoying your meals on our terrace as well as tasting local wine varieties in our accurately renovated wine tavern, represent the inevitable part of your vacation.

  • Homemade food

  • Traditional Mediterranean cuisine

  • Autochthon recipes.

  • Grilled fish &, meat,

  • Food diet, gluten-free nutrition, vegetarians and vegans food

  • Bottled Dalmatian wines from local vineyards,

Our dining concept is founded on the slow food tradition and the daily catch freshly prepared in our kitchen


” The house is a stone build house with separate part for the eating with big kitchen which we could use ourselves, but we let Matko and the team do all the meals.!”

Herry, SI

“Crystal clear sea, wonderfully peaceful, excellent hosts,  and lots and lots of really well cooked home food. It was all great.”

Ruth, UK