About us


    Planet – Vis, as we like to call a place where we live, is also a small family business situated in an authentic village Rukavac on the south side of Vis Island. 

    Since we live in a piece of heaven, we decided to share our story with you!

    Since 2014., Planet – Vis is organizing active – based holidays for those who love untouched nature, homemade food, good night’s sleep and plenty of sun and fun!

    Our activities include kayaking, cycling, snorkeling, hiking, and yoga as well as jeep and boat tours on and around the island. Blue cave and Green cave, Stiniva bay and Blue Lagoon are just a few of the sights seen the location on the island.

    This activity vacation is tailor-made which means that we will customize and schedule all activities according to your preferences. Dependably on weather conditions and your wishes, you can choose what you feel like doing the following day. There is no fixed schedule, and we will plan the day together.

    That includes the food as well. We will plan our menu together. Our Mediterranean style cuisine means healthy food and quality components. We will present to you our plans regarding meals, and you can tell us what your wishes are. All food is locally sourced and home cooked by a licensed chef. 

    Our goal is to live up to all your wishes. The island offers a lot of outdoor activities to experience. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional climber to try rock climbing, or an experienced diver to try scuba. Often, we receive clients who have experienced these activities only on television.

    The Island of Vis is also Croatia’s furthest island and the city of Issa (town of Vis) is the oldest known town in Croatia. Through the past and because of the strategic position in the Adriatic Sea, Island of Vis has been always a very “desirable” and popular place for many nations which left a very interesting and rich legacy. In the newer past, most of the 20th century was closed for tourism first as a WW2 military base and with its own airfield and lots of military facilities. The Island of Vis was very interesting to some filmmakers as well, and one of the most famous movies filmed on the island was Mamma Mia – here we go again!

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